Learn How To Contract Your First Real Estate Deal in 90 Days With No Money, Credit Or Experience

Let Us Teach You Step-By-Step What It Takes To Earn Money In The Real Estate Industry Consistently. We're So Confident In Our Proprietary Curriculum That We Help Our Students Get Funding! 

Let Us Teach You Step-By-Step What It Takes To Earn Money In The Real Estate Industry Consistently. We're So Confident In Our Proprietary System That We Help Our Students Get Funding!

Without This Knowledge 

Youʼll Work For Someone Else Forever...

We don't "job shame" in our community because we've seen students turned ROCK STARS who've joined us to learn Real Estate as a side hustle and come in and KILL IT!

But what we know is that MOST people don't want to remain in a paycheck to paycheck cycle constantly scrounging up pennies to save up for the things they REALLY want.

Doing Real Estate deals in one of the best ways to get out of that cycle.

Without the education, youʼll rely on the banks and 401k's to invest on your behalf and TRUST that those decisions are in your best interest, never understanding the power that YOU have to team up with your own family, friends or community or WITH US to close six figure deals and share in the success.

#Group Economics.

This is how you stay reliant on the system.

Real Estate Runs The World! Learn The Most Powerful Industry In History

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Meet Jay Morrison 

Fund Manager Jay Morrison created The Real Estate Roadmap Private Pairing Partnership System to make Real Estate Investing affordable, understandable, relatable, accessible to ANYBODY

This program has allowed us to incorporate my 20+ years of  real estate experience and the 10+ years of teaching, mentorship & coaching 10's of thousands of students and families into

One New Dynamic System - Where I bring together all the payers necessary to give everyone a piece of the pie!

No cash, Hate your job, Want to build wealth, Struggling to save money, Don't know where to start? 

I've heard it all and none of those reasons have stopped our students success! If your goal is to have a flexible schedule and checks in the mail...learning how to invest in real estate with no cash, bad credit, and no experience, gives you an amazing blueprint on how to NEVER be broke! Youʼll always know how to find, or create opportunities for yourself and your family.

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With Over 500,000 Students Taught, The Success Stories Are What Drives Us

I've Been Training And Putting Students In Position For A LONG Time!

Imagine What It Would Be Like If You Made $10,000 A Month Or More In Real Estate!

Would you like to join them?

See the results other students have been experiencing!


The Simple Step-By-Step System Proven to teach ANYONE How to make money in real estate - from quick and easy cash to long term wealth!

The Real Estate Roadmap 6-Week Program Is A Proprietary System. A Combination Of Carefully Curated Video Lessons, Live Mentorship Calls, A Nurturing Community and Private Partner Deal Pairing.

SEE what's waiting for you inside once you become a member…

How Does It Work?

About The Program:

During This Intense 6-Week Program You'll Get The Benefit Of Real Estate Coaches Jay & Art Morrison's Over 30 Years Combined Real Estate Experience And Proven System.

Week 1: Millionaire Mindset

Week 2: Real Estate Fundamentals

Week 3: Starting Your RE Investing Firm

Week 4: Finding Properties /Opportunities

Week 5: The Transaction Processes
Week 6: Project Management A-to-Z


Real Estate Roadmap

What You'll Learn:

  • ​Creative Financing and Syndications and how this Process Will Help You To Finance ANY Good Deal

  • ​Entry Level Real Estate and the Fundamentals of the Business, as well as why you Don't Need a Real Estate License

  • ​Master Real Estate Wholesaling and Other No Money Down Strategies and How To use them to build your motivated sellers and buyers list

  • ​How to Buy & Hold Real Estate to Maximize Profits

  • ​How to Evaluate & "take down" Apartment Buildings & Other Commercial Properties

  • ​Advanced Capital Raise Strategies and the required legal steps to setting up a Real Estate fund

  • ​Real Estate Roles and the Team that you will need to build to Scale your Investment Business

  • ​Starting Your RE Investing Firm and the proper filings and business structure setup

  • ​Plus More!!!!

About The Course:

This comprehensive 24 lesson course dives deep into the various strategies for understanding & investing in property and land including how to go about becoming a full time Real Estate Entrepreneur, steps for Buying Your First home, Flipping, & Wholesaling Houses!

Real Estate Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • Introduction To Real Estate
  • Real Estate Owner Strategies
  • Using Credit To Invest in Real Estate
  • ​Financing Your Deals
  • ​Building Your Real Estate Team
  • ​Branding Your Company
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Wholesaling
  • ​Buying & Flipping Real Estate
  • ​Deal Evaluation
  • ​Deal Negotiations 
  • ​Tax Strategies 
  • ​Raising Capital To Purchase Real Estate

About The Course:

A comprehensive program designed to teach you the intricate details of building and running a successful business starting with how to conduct research to correctly identifying your business model and unique selling proposition.

Learn strategies to increase your self-mastery and self-discipline and pair that with detailed breakdowns of business systems, processes and operations including Customer Service, Marketing, Building a Team, Financial Controls and Accounting, Business Credit and Funding, Business Legal Formations & Partnerships and much more.

Business Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • How to become a real estate entrepreneur 
  • ​The power of property and ownership
  • ​How to purchase your first 1-4 Unit home 
  • ​How to purchase your first 1-4 Unit home 
  • ​Residential Real Estate Investing “Hacks”
  • ​How to facilitate “no money down” and “no credit” real estate wholesale deals
  • ​​How to evaluate fix & flips and forecast your ROI
  • How to extract the equity in your home through refinancing or HELOC’s for tax free profits
  • How to profit from real estate short sales and foreclosures​
  • ​How to profit from tax lien investing and property auctions
  • ​How to build and brand your real estate business
  • ​How to build a comprehensive real estate team
  • ​How to begin in commercial real estate
  • ​Creative real estate financing strategies
  • ​Real estate tax mitigation strategies for wealth retention
  • ​Plus more!!!!

About The Course:

This comprehensive program is made up the 3 pillars necessary to start and grow a real estate portfolio and a successful business.

Each of the included courses contain 24 video lessons on all of the fundamentals of that topic. This content has been praised for being thorough as well as relatable for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to understand the fundamentals straight through to more of the advanced content and strategies.  

Credit Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • Credit Philosophy
  • ​Credit Score
  • ​Credit Score Myths
  • ​Building Your Credit
  • ​Interest Rates
  • ​Debt To Income Ratio​
  • ​Credit Types
  • ​Credit Card Management
  • ​Student Loans​
  • ​Auto Financing
  • ​Leveraging Credit
  • ​Business Credit​
  • ​Bankruptcy
  • ​Credit Delinquencies
  • ​Collection Agencies
  • ​Credit Monitoring
  • ​Credit Terminology

About The Course:

This 13 Lesson Course cuts right to the chase and reveals the EXACT Blueprint to execute on this No risk, No money down, Real estate strategy ANYONE CAN DO from ANYWHERE

Wholesale Mastery

What You'll Learn:

  • The Wholesale Play

  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​The Perfect Business Model
  • ​Company Structuring
  • ​How To Build Your Wholesale Team
  • ​Lead Management
  • ​How To Evaluate A Deal
  • ​Appointment Mastery
  • ​How To Deliver Your Offer To A Seller
  • ​What Is Co-Wholesaling
  • ​How To Build Your Cash Buyers List KPI/RGA Tracking & Reporting
  • ​KPI/RGA Tracking & Reporting
  • ​How To Overcome Seller Objections

Here's What You'll Get!


Learn A-Z How To Make Short Term & Long Term Money In Real Estate & How To Build A Thriving Business You Can Scale

Community Get Support From Kings Jay & Art & Their Team, As Well As A Community Of Like-Minded Peers 

Get 24/7 On-Demand Access to Over 100+ Video


  • Real Estate Mastery *26 Lessons
  • ​Business Mastery *26 Lessons
  • Credit Mastery *26 Lessons
  • Wholesale Mastery *15 Plus Lessons
  • ​Real Estate Roadmap Course *30+ Lessons

Retail $2997

Get 24/7 Access to The Real Estate Roadmap Private Facebook Group & Cash!:

  • Participate in The Weekly Coaching Call & Replay Access
  •  Ask Questions And Network With Other Learners
  • ​Share Deal Details For Peer & Coaching Review
  • ​Access To Proof Of Funds Letter Referrals
  • ​Private Lending And Capital Partner Referrals

Retail $4997

Escape The Rat Race & Learn Wealth Creation Today!

Normally $7,994

NOW ONLY  $1,997!

Pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments of $499.25 With Shop Pay

Your Roadmap To Financial Freedom!

What do 90% of all millionaires have in common? They generated their wealth through real estate investing. Now, YOU have an opportunity to do it too!


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